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Ziller Valley Nature Park

Tux is part of the Ziller Valley Nature Park, and visitors can enjoy the park's attractive program.

The Nature Park ranges from about 1,000 m to 3,509 m altitude and includes all levels of the central Alps. Due to factors such as altitude, exposition, geological make-up, and formation history, you will discover very different habitats as well as animal and plant species.

Because of its vertical orientation, the number of habitats is large, and their flaura and fauna are very diverse. Glaciers cover a sizeable part of the nature park and have formed the landscape since time immemorial.

In addition to the natural factors, it is humans who shape nature and cultivate areas today. The effects of their lifestyles and economical activities can be easily seen in the environment and are - especially in the Alps - responsible for the changeable and romanticised mountain landscape.

 The mountain nature park offers you diverse opportunities to relax - whether actively, by hiking, climbing, mountain biking, or comfortably on extended walks through the magnificent and varied landscape. Experience the park's characteristics and secrets on one of our summer program tours. Let yourself be enchanted by the glittering world of minerals, by adventurous stories from the times of poachers and smugglers, or by the special flair of a torch hike.

Visit us in the new information centre in the hiker village Ginzling, or visit the nature park exhibit!

Guided Tours:

We have guided tours for people of all ages. Our tours are of different lengths (half-day, full day) and are centered around different themes like cultivated landscape, botany, geology, glacier, mountain forest, which our trained guides will introduce to you!

Of course there are special offers for families with children, such as lama trekking or a visit to the Keilkeller waterfalls.

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